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A meal delivery service that will change your life. 

Easy, convenient, affordable. 

Food delivered fresh, twice a week to your home. Let us bring the Grass Roots to you. 

Front Door Service

We provide free nutrition counselling to all our clients. Call us today to book a consultation with our Chef.  

Free Consultation

Think you'll get bored? Enjoy weekly specials from our Fresh Sheet menu. 

Weekly Fresh Sheet




Jackie Foster

The food is amazing - I honestly cant say I've had a "meh" meal yet, and that includes meals that I've been hesitant about. First class service and incredibly delicious product. Even when there was a screw up with one of my orders, Alaia was quick to adress my concerns and offer compensation that went beyond my expectations. Best meal prep service I've used to date, and I dont foresee changing 

Laura & Brendon

I don't know how we survived without them-- seriously! I am an entrepreneur and my husband is in medicine so we have VERY busy lives. We would often resort to ordering takeout or UberEats 2-3 times a week because we did not have time to make our own healthy meals, let alone grocery shop and come up with fresh new ideas on what to eat.

Olivia Ryan Stern

At 18 I ended up in the hospital after being bed ridden for weeks. The doctors told me my Iron was dangerously low and my white blood cells rocket high. I was diagnosed with Celiacs and IBS. The years since have been tedious with trial and error of different diets. I'm developing tools now that help me stay on top of my health recovery and one of those tools is Grass Roots Meal Plans. They work with me to make sure none of my trigger foods are in my meals. If you're someone who struggles with staying on track on the go, I would highly recommend Grass Roots. 




We're changing..

...we have decided to stop doing Meal Plans and focus on our Wholesale clients. If you love our food, please visit the following locations to purchase meals from our Seasonal Menu:

-Pomme Natural Market

-Body Energy Club

-Farm to Table Market

-Sun Given Foods