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Port Coquitlam, BC


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Let us help you reach your health goals.

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Weight Loss


Browse our menu

Familiarize yourself with our Menu! Take advantage of our weekly Fresh Sheet for seasonal items.  


Select a Meal Plan

We have 2 options available. Our Full Meal Plan is for anyone looking to have their FULL day covered. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.


If you want more flexibility with your plan you can order single items. 


Order $135 or more and receive $10 off your order! 


Choose your items

Once you add a Meal Plan to your cart, you will be able to see our Menu as a drop down list. Select what meals you want to fill your order. Please list any specialty diets in the Comments section of your order, adjustments to your meals will be made accordingly. 

When is my food delivered?

Orders must be in by Friday for delivery Sunday. You will receive 2 deliveries a week, one on Sunday evening and one on Wednesday evening. The new Fresh Sheet is posted every Monday for the following week. 

Where are you now?


A big part of the journey of where you want to end up will depend on where we are starting. What do your eating habits look like on a day to day basis? We want to make sure the transition is as easy as it can be. Are you already a clean eater and just don't have enough time for your own food prep? Or do you have habits you want help changing? Elimination diets are a great way to adjust our eating habits without missing the foods we are accustomed to eating. By eliminating a couple things at a time, your body will grow more accustomed to its new schedule. 

Where do you want to be?

So many factors come into play when thinking about our personal health. We want to take the guesswork out of it and WOW you with how easy it is to stay on track. Our general cooking guidelines eliminate a huge amount of filler foods (soy, gluten, corn, sugar, etc...) and replace them with nutritious alternatives. Maximum nutrients per calorie! Whether you are looking to meet a weight loss goal or you need a protein rich diet for your rigorous gym schedule, we want to help you along the way. 

Will there be enough variety?

Our team is constantly on the lookout for new farms, new butchers and local delicacies. We have a seasonal menu that changes to reflect the changes around food in our community. Every 3 months our Set Menu is completely changed. On top of that, we have a rotating Weekly Menu for Meal Plans. This is to ensure we keep good balance of making your week exciting, while allowing you to keep ordering your favourite dishes. 

How will your food stay fresh?

All orders received will be split into 2 deliveries. You are only charged 1 Delivery Fee per order, however half of your meals will arrive Sunday evening while the other half will arrive Wednesday evening. All food is cooked the same day it is delivered.